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 Update on New Forums

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PostSubject: Update on New Forums   Tue May 19, 2009 1:08 am

Well, after typing up a couple messages here I have started to notice a minor problem. When going back and editing a part of the text that has already been finished, the text starts to glitch a little and become unreadable. The only thing I found that helps is instead of skipping through the text...delete all that was typed as you scroll back, if that makes any sense. Another thing that helps is highlighting everything you typed real quick and then un-highlighting it. If your in the middle of typing and text does get distorted, just ignore it and it will come back in almost a second. It seems to happen when going down to start typing on a new line. These are minor problems I'm sure we can get past. Highlighting does seem to work the best if your having any issues.

Naturally if I felt we could find a better forum I wouldn't even be typing this, however, the three I tried before this that I mentioned above all had this same issue...which was the reason we made it to here. The forums do have some great features and are completely customizable, but yeah, if you just remember to highlight your paragraph/phrase after running into problems, you'll be just fine.

If anyone does happen to know of some free forums that work better than this one, please let me know. If both the forums and the wiki really start to take off and become one of the larger wiki's, I will start looking into forums you need to pay for, as long as it's a one time payment. Once again, any links to good forums would be appreciated.
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Update on New Forums
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