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 Welcome New Users!

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PostSubject: Welcome New Users!   Thu May 21, 2009 4:21 pm

First and foremost I'd like to welcome new users to both the Tom Clancy Wiki and our Forums! Right now we're not only hoping to bring in new guests from the search engines we've signed up for but we are also starting a Facebook account. As an added bonus the Tom Clancy Wiki has been lucky enough to get onto the "Wikia Spotlight" program which displays our picture or logo randomly onto every Wikia wiki, which we're hoping will bring in a lot of new users.

The spotlight should take place only a couple weeks after May 21, 2008...however, it may be a little longer as there is a handful of other wiki's ahead of us. If you are new to the wiki or the forums there is a couple things you should know. The first is that as of right now we don't really have a "method of style" for our articles placed anywhere on the wiki, we just ask that you read and examine a couple articles that have been finished already and use that as a base for an article you may be working on. The second thing you may want to take note of is that we have not created a policy article on the wiki yet, but use your best judgment, if you can't do it on Wikipedia you most likely will get in trouble for doing it here (i.e personal attacks, swearing...).

Other than the basic article set up that can be seen on most pages that are already created, we do ask that you cateogize any pages that you are working on that are not in the appropraite category already. There are several categories here on the Tom Clancy Wiki but you can always check the actual categories page on the wiki (a link will be below). You can also see a few of the main categories and where they branch off to on the left side bar that is on every page! Below are a couple links you may want to take a look at;

* (The Tom Clancy Wiki's home page)
* (List of System Operators and Admins)
* (A list of all the categories)
* (Templates that are placed on pages)
* (Our current help page)
* (Our place for the community)
* (Our IRC chat channel)

The Tom Clancy Wiki
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Welcome New Users!
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